Gosford Boat Ramp NSW
Launching ramp Gosford NSW

Council managed, as the name implies these boating facilities are for use of the public for launching and retrieval of any vessel permitted within local rules and regulations and may include; power boats, kayaks, jet skis or dinghies. Facilities and services available at each ramp location can vary.

Here's our list of what an ideal boat ramp should offer:

  • Reasonable access for vehicles and boats.
  • Adequate parking for vehicles and trailers.
  • Wide slipways of two lanes or more.
  • Strong construction capable of supporting the weight of vehicle and boat.
  • Not too steep a ramp angle.
  • Free of seaweed and slime, so a person can stand on it without slipping.
  • Pontoons for mooring alongside for ease of loading and unloading passengers and gear.
  • Sufficient water for launching and retrieval at all tide states.
  • A hard that will take the weight of vehicle and trailer wheels if the site is tidal.
  • Fresh water available for washing down.
  • Changing facilities and toilets close by.
  • Food and fuel in the vicinity.

State Maritime Authority websites are a great resource for locating boat ramps close to the area you plan to go boating. NSW Roads and Maritime (NSW RMS) and Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) in Queensland both have boating maps available for downloading. These maps detail where boat ramps are located as well as depths, channel markers, speed restriction areas and where boating hazards to be aware of are.

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