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Gaining a NSW Boat or PWC Licence

We are passionate about helping fellow boat and personal watercraft (PWC) enthusiasts gain valuable maritime knowledge and their licence in no time at all. That is why we offer one-day courses to teach you everything you need to pass your Boat or PWC licence test and then we help you to apply the knowledge learned on the water so that you can secure your licence quickly and with confidence.

Boat and PWC licence tests in Sydney and around NSW

We help people from across Sydney's boat-loving suburbs and around NSW not only gain their licence but also to feel more prepared for the many situations the sea can throw at you. We offer boat licence courses, PWC licence courses and combined packages if you wish to get your Boat and PWC licence at the same time, all in one-day and including both licence tests and a boat practical. There is also a Restricted Licence available for 12 and under 16 year olds. Even better, if you invite a friend or two along, or your family we'll give you all a discount. Browse our Sydney dates and training locations to find a time and place that suits you.

The speed at which you drive your boat will determine whether you need a licence. If you drive a powered vessel for recreational purposes on NSW waters, at a speed of 10 knots (18.5km/h) or more, you must have a boat driving licence. Ten knots is the speed at which most accelerating boats will start to plane (rise up and skim on top of the water, instead of ploughing through it). You must have a personal watercraft (PWC) driving licence to drive a PWC at any speed.

Learning requirements

There are two main learning components you need to complete before you can apply for the licence. Once you have met these requirements, you can apply for a licence.

  1. Theory knowledge and test.
  2. Evidence of practical boating experience.

Course options

You can select a course from the following training options. Course options One and Two provide you with the fastest way to meet all the learning requirements in just one day. It is fun relaxing training delivered by experienced maritime trainers. Booking on a course is an easy process using our mobile-friendly website and booking system. If you are balancing home and work life commitments you may prefer completing the boat or boat and PWC licence theory only course first and then complete the boat licence practical on a different date. Call 1300 723 112 and we will process the booking for you.

Boat licence students preparing to dockOption 1 - NSW Boat Licence with on water practical

Includes theory session, RMS test and boat practical. Price: $265.00 per person. Group discounts available.
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Boats and jyellow jetski off the coastOption 2 - NSW Boat & PWC Licence with boat practical

Includes theory session, both RMS tests and boat practical. Price: $310.00 per person. Group discounts available.
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Boat licence students practising dockingOption 3 - NSW Boat Licence Practical

 Trainer-led practical session. Price: $160.00 per person.
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Trainer and students boat licence theory courseOption 4 - NSW Boat Licence Theory

Boating knowledge theory course, includes the boat licence RMS multiple-choice test. Price: $175.00 per person. Group discounts available
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Trainer teaching boating theoryOption 5 - NSW Boat & PWC Licence Theory

Boat and PWC combined theory course, includes both multiple-choice tests. Price: $ 200.00 per person. Group discounts available.
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PWC Towing BiscuitOption 6 - NSW PWC Upgrade

PWC operating rules theory short course, includes the RMS PWC multiple-choice test. Price: $95.00 per person.
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MouseIcon Online Booking Process

  • Select your preferred course option from the right-hand navigation links
  • From the "Locations & Bookings Tab" click the yellow "Enrol Button" next to your preferred date and location. Complete the booking, submit and proceed to payment.
  • On completion of the booking/enrolment process you will receive a detailed confirmation email explaining everything you need to know and bring on the day. The confirmation email will also provide you with access to the course learning resources.
  • The day before your scheduled course date and we will send you a text reminder to your designated mobile phone number.

What others have to say

Here are a few words from people who have completed one of our Boat Licence courses.

AAA practical training

It was great how the trainer demonstrated and quizzed the approaches, overtaking and right of way on the boat. The kids really took that in and made them more confident on the water the following week. Terry

Engaging with real-life experiences

"The College crew were fantastic. This was not your dry, run of the mill boat licence course, the trainer engaged us with real life examples making the lessons far easier to grasp. It was obvious the trainer was experienced and passionate about boating".

Informative hands-on practical

"The trainer perceived exactly my areas of concern, helped me to relax and really took the time and effort to ensure that I gained some skill as well as general boating knowledge. I began to understand the principles of boating, feeling the wind and current and gaining confidence while learning how to dock the training boat." Julie

Experienced and knowledgeable trainer

"The trainer was excellent. He was good at putting information across in a way which was easy to understand". Dan

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