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NSW Boat and PWC Licence | Sydney Boat Licence Courses

The National Maritime College specialises in Boat and PWC Licence one day courses. This method provides applicants with the best overall boating education experience as well as meeting all NSW RMS requirements for obtaining the licence in the one session.

The boat licence course is designed for both experienced and beginners and can be completed by any one 16 years or older. There is also a restricted boat licence available for young people between 12 and 15 years old. It's fun, relaxing training, delivered by our knowledgeable maritime trainers. Bring along family or friends and you'll get a group booking discount.

Choose from these licence training options

Group booking discounts are available on all course options. The more people you book online at one time the greater the discount. Our booking system is configured to automatically deduct the discount on your invoice for you.

  • Option 1 - Most popular one day NSW Boat Licence course. $245.00 per person.

    Offers best training experience with more more hands-on practical. Includes theory, test and on water practical. Meets all the requirements - No further testing or training needed. Boat Licence practical only sessions are also available for people who have already completed the NSW RMS multiple-choice test. On successful completion of the training with us, simply present the documentation we give you at your nearest Roads and Maritime Service Centre, pay the licence fee and get your licence issued instantly. Book on a course now.

  • Option 2 - Great value NSW boat and PWC Licence combined course. $295.00 per person.

    Includes Boat and PWC theory, Boat and PWC tests and boat practical. Meets all the requirements - No further testing or training needed. In NSW there is currently no requirement to complete a PWC practical session to obtain a PWC licence. Just as option 1 simply, present the documentation we give you at a NSW RMS Service Centre, pay the licence fee and you'll be ready to head out on the water right away on your boat or jetski. Book on a course now.

  • Option 3 - NSW Boat and PWC Licence theory only courses - Boat Licence Theory Only $170.00 per person | Combo Boat and PWC Theory Only $150.00

    Includes sitting the NSW RMS multiple-choice licence tests. Ideal for anyone wishing to complete either the NSW Boat Licence theory only or combine both with the Boat and PWC Licence theory session. Option 3 does not meet all the requirements for obtaining the licence, you will still need to complete an on-water boat practical session. To have the best learning experience the easiest and quickest way to meet all the requirements is to complete either Option 1 or Option 2. This way you can meet all the requirements in one training session. There is also the added benefit of being trained by qualified maritime trainers and experienced boat handlers.

  • Option 4 - NSW Boat and PWC Licence private courses

    If you have a group 10 or more people we can arrange a private licence training session. Bring along your family, friends, co-workers, club members or school pupils to a location and on a day of your choice. Find out more here.

If you are balancing home and work life commitments you may prefer completing the boat licence or boat and PWC licence theory only session and then complete the boat practical on a different date. Call 1300 723 112 and we'll process the booking for you.

MouseIcon Online Booking Process

  • Select your preferred course option from the right-hand navigation links
  • From the "Enrolment Tab" click the yellow "Enrol Button" next to your preferred date and location. Complete the booking, submit and proceed to payment.
  • On completion of the booking/enrolment process you'll receive a detailed confirmation email explaining everything you need to know and bring on the day.
  • The day before your scheduled course date we'll send you a text reminder to your designated mobile phone number.

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