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Classroom boating education

Boat Licence Theory


No experience required. Minimum age 12 years.
Duration: 4 hours. Timings subject to numbers and variances which may arise on the day.
NSW RMS Approved Training Provider.
Requirements: Be able to read and understand English.
$125.00 per person. Group booking discounts available.


Covering nautical terminology, collision regulations, safety equipment and boating rules, this course option is ideal for anyone wishing to complete the boat licence theory learning and test assessment only. NOTE: You will still need to complete an on-water boat practical in order to meet all the requirements for gaining the licence. The easiest and quickest way to achieve this is by attending the one day boat licence with practical course. You can also opt to complete a boat licence practical only session on another day.

Enrolment and booking
  1. To book on a course select a course location and  date from the dropdown menu below.
  2. Group booking discounts available when booking two or more people online at one time.
  3. Review our general terms and conditions as well as the Roads and Maritime proof of identity and Roads and Maritime proof of identity requirements prior to attending one of our courses.
  4. Read the Boat Licence Training Privacy Statement Icon PDF 24
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