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Course and program fees and charges

Fees and Charges

Current fees and charges.

Marine Serices

Price on application.

Private Training

Private tuition on board your vessel - 3 hour session
Extra hours at hourly rate
NOTE: Travel allowances may also apply depending on how far the
trainer must travel to your vessel's location.

Other Fees

Refund administration
Copy of student records
Replacement Certificate of Completion


  1. These products and services are supplied under our terms and conditions.
  2. These fees and charges are subject to change without prior notice.
  3. Resource fees cover materials purchased by the College to be used by students in the course of training. Resource fees are charges for materials that are considered essential to a course or unit of study and which do not form part of the course fee. As these fees may vary depending on the course or program this information is provided within the course brochure and course details.

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