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Assessments and Results

All assessments whether undertaken in relation to a nationally recognised training course or non-accredited courses delivered by NMC comply with recognised seamanship practices, maritime industry or licensing requirements and may include observation, oral and written questioning, online activities and both individual and group work tasks to validate competency. Your NMC trainer will inform you about how and when assessments will occur for your course. In competency-based assessment you may be deemed as 'Competent' or 'Not Competent'. In the event that you are deemed 'Not Competent', additional support will be provided to help you to complete the particular unit and prepare for an additional assessment. For theory assessments you may be deemed 'Satisfactory' or 'Not Satisfactory'.

Where a learner has been assessed three (3) times and is still Not Satisfactory or Not Competent reassessment fees will apply. Reassessment fees vary depending on the course or program. 

Learning activities and assessments will vary depending on the course or program you undertake. Practical assessments are mandatory for most courses.

Assessment Appeals

If you are not satisfied with the assessment process or your assessment result, you may appeal the decision. Please speak with your trainer or contact the College on 1300 723 112 for assistance.

Course Transcripts, Certificates, Statements of Completion and Certificate of Attainment

Once we have checked and verified your assessment results we'll send you an email to confirm you have passed. You should receive your course transcript (course result), Course Completion Certificate or a Certificate of Attainment  in the mail within 3-7 days. Extra copies of course transcripts can be arranged by contacting the College. There is cost for replacement Certificates of Attainment.

Statements of Course Completion are documents (like a certificate) we issue which record the training you have done as part of a course or part of a course unit.

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