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RescueME EDF1

The world's most compact electronic distress flare.

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This electronic distress flare offers users a safe and long-lasting solution to emergency signalling. The unique lens design combined with the use of advance LED and circuit technology ensures a constant level of light output.


  • Advanced LED technology
  • Compact, lightweight, rugged
  • Waterproof to 10 metres
  • Excellent visibility for search and rescue craft
  • Visibility range up to 7 miles

Pros and cons

  • Inexpensive replaceable battery
  • 4 modes of operation - Mode 1 economy, Mode 2 High, Mode 3 Ultra, Mode 4 Forward beam
  • More environmentally-friendly than pyrotechnic flares

We see no cons to purchasing this product. Distributed in Australia  by All Sat Communications you'll also find more information on the Ocean Signal website.

Our opinion
These flares do not replace required orange and red hand pyrotechnic flares however, they are a great addition to your onboard safety equipment, your grab bag or liferaft. We gave one  to Lisa Blair as her Designated Person Ashore (DPA) and Routing Master for her recent solo circumnavigation of Antarctica aboard her yacht Climate Action Now. We also provide our vessel delivery Skipper's with one of these as part of their personal safety equipment kit.

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