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Boating Apps

Thanks to the added benefits of technology there are a wide range of sailing/ boating apps available for phones and tablets. Here's a list of useful boating apps to assist you out on the water.

Anchor Watch
Using the GPS on your smartphone to monitor the boat's position, the app will alert you immediately if your boat moves out of its set limits, through phone calls, vibration alerts, popups, email or SMS.

Australian Boat Ramps
Find boat ramps throughout Australia for the area you plan to go boating in.

Boating Australia and NZ by Navionics
This iOS (iPhone and iPad) boating app will give you the same detailed charts as GPS plotters because it has all the Navionics+ apps in one, including Nautical Charts, SonarCharts, Community Edits, Chart Updates, Tracks, Routes, Distance, Markers and Wind Forecasts.The SonarCharts' HD bathymetry map feature shows the seafloor's topography, which is important for locating shallow areas and fishing spots at any depth.

Getting the latest local weather information is a breeze with the GPS 'My Location' feature of this app. Using Bureau of Meteorology forecasts, it gives real-time information about temperature, relative humidity; dew point; rainfall; wind speed, gusts and direction, and pressure. Weatherzone Plus+ also offers boaters, past 24 hours, month-to-date charts and almanac.Tide charts. Moonrise /moonset for seven days. Marine forecast. Your location shown on the local radar.

While these apps are excellent and helpful, it's important not to rely on them. Your mobile phone or tablet isn't waterproof, the connection isn't always reliable and batteries run down, so learn the skills you need and carry safety equipment.

Books and Charts

The Australian Boating Manual
Written by Captain Dick Gandy this comprehensive reference manual is recommended reading for anyone studying for a maritime certificate, whether for recreational or commercial purposes. The manual can be purchased online.

Boat Books Australia
Boat Books is a leading Australian nautical book store where you can source, boating books and publications, navigation charts, software,instruments, cruising guides and nautical accessories for boating enthusiasts and maritime professionals.

Charter and Fishing

Exclusive Getaway
Exclusive Getaway are a luxury boat charter and boutique travel specialist. From the glittering lights of Sydney to the natural wonders of Far North Queensland, their packages include boutique accommodation, personalised activities and experiences in destinations such as Port Stephens and Pittwater (NSW), and Port Douglas, the Whitsunday Islands, and the Great Barrier Reef (QLD).

Boat Graphics Stickers and Decals

Boat stickers quality Australian-made custom designed boat graphics, stickers and decals are made to order and suit all types of boats and sizes.


Boating Industry Association (BIA) - The Boating Industry Association(BIA) provides a forum to discuss industry needs, problems and solutions and serves as the representative of the industry to Federal, State and Local Government departments and agencies, as well as other industry bodies, corporate interests, allied organisations, media and the general public. The BIA represents over 90% of the recreational and light commercial marine industry.

Federal and State Maritime Authorities

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) - AMSA is Australia's national maritime statutory authority. Its principal functions are to promote maritime safety and protection of the marine environment, prevent and combat ship-sourced pollution in the marine environment, provide infrastructure to support safety of navigation in Australian waters, provide a national search and rescue service to the maritime and aviation sectors.
NSW Roads and Maritime
Maritime Safety Queensland
Marine and Safety Tasmania
Marine Safety South Australia
Marine Safety Victoria
Marine Safety West Australia

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