Two boats passing each other
Giveway rules at a glance

Give way rules to remember

  • Give way to the right and stay to the right.
  • If a power-driven vessel approaches on your port (left) side, you have right-of-way. Maintain your speed and course with caution. If it becomes obvious that the other vessel is not going to give way, then you should take the necessary steps to avoid a collision. Unless there's no alternative, do not turn to port to avoid a collision if you have right-of-way, you might cause a collision trying to avoid one.
  • If a power-driven vessel approaches on your starboard (right) side, they have right-of-way. Stop, slow down or alter course to keep out of their way.
  • If any vessel approaches your stern, maintain your speed and course and proceed with caution so they can overtake you safely.
  • Power-driven vessels must give-way to sailing vessels at all times unless they are under power or overtaking you.
  • When departing a marina you have the right of way over a vessel arriving at marina. As you depart the marina and encounter another vessel departing the marina slip you must give way to the vessel.
  • When arriving at a marina you required to give way to vessels departing from the marina.

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